Research & Development

Real-Time System Design

“We would like to provide the beautiful videos and impressions to many people”, We have kept developing the unique video playback systems since we established with this desire. When we realize making stabilized Ultra High-Definition Video Playback System, We have to have a excellent real-time platform. We will continue to develop the new element technologies of next generation platform based on our highly real-time system design technologies.

Software Architecture Design

We must have a software architecture design technology to satisfy with good balance with an enormous quantity of data, various interfaces and many different kinds of market requirements. Also this depends to larger extent on the data and stabilization what the systems can use. We have an enormous know-how and original software architecture design technologies from our achievements, and we have kept doing the software architecture developments to correspondence of the new media expressions.

Embedded System Firmware Design

Related media equipments research and development, it is necessary knowledge for embedded system and firmware design technologies. Mainly we develop the software, but also we develop the firmware design technologies for embedded systems. We use the firmware design technology for embedded systems in core technology of related media equipments, so it realized performances and stabilization as system for business use.

Multiprocessing by CPU

Today, many systems have scores of logic cores and they process simultaneously many input/output systems. You may have risks to influence the system performance depending on how to operate it. We perceive we really need the multiprocessing technology for process the large capacity video data of Ultra High-Definition Video System, so we have researched and developed the multiprocessing by CPU. By realization of multiprocessing, it enables efficient use of computer resources, you can choose the appropriate platforms.

Graphics Processing by GPU

Using GPU for image processing is not a new technology today, but there are many concrete processing way and know-how. We do improvement and brand-new development, with achievements and know-how of provided the Ultra High-End Video Systems to market for a long time. We can embedded a high quality and a high speed image processing technology with using GPU full performances.

High-Bandwidth Data In/Output

It is necessary High-Bandwidth data input/output when we deal UHD video. We have working on more improvement for Ultra High-Bandwidth input/output, with abundant knowledge and know-how we have.Hardware, firmware, and software, we develop from various perspectives the High-Bandwidth data input/output. So we can realized that UHD video playback and displays.

Interface Device Design

Human interface devices as connect the humans and robots, they have not been made big progress since they developed. We have researching the interface for elderly for aging society, and the intuitively interface anybody can use easily, based on our software and hardware knowledge. We have been always considering the future and working on next generation human interface device.

Photo Realistic CG

Based on the the image processing with the focus on correction, informations by filming of hue, tone, saturation and resolution, we have working exceeded technology this. It is the system based on density acquisition of the informations of 3D shape, reflections, and light sources, the technology to reassemble object by UHD 3DCG, also the high-speed dispersion processing technology for needed reassemble processing.

Texture Acquisition

It is difficult to acquire the real texture of objects in today’s camera work,but we kept cultivating our technology, to acquire as possible as can, not only RGB--the three primary colors--, but also ray information at filming location with spectrums. Also we have trying to improve the precision for color reproduction and technology of visual performances at light sources environment. Also quite the opposite, the image data what were already taken by digital camera, image processing, we have working on improve them.

CG Photo-Realistic Composition

We are aimed at doing photo realistic CG technology, and compound CG and photo realistic based on texture acquisition with no sense of incongruity. We also have doing research and development, compounds the polygon data of using CG and image data what were actually taken, also a high-speed dispersion processing for texture addition for created data by CG. In addition, under the light resources environment appearance, it realized creating reproduced the CG with real texture based on this technology.

Big-Data Visualization

We focus on how to collect, process and program, present to people, and analyze of data enable without technical knowledge of enormously and complicated big-data. We have been buckling down to a new next generate visualization environment for big data, analyzing visualized data, and predicting analysis and optimization.

Man Machine Vision

We assume that researching high-speed image processing technology to get real-time results are important. It's not only 2 dimensional visible light filming, NIR filming, Multi-spectral band filming, thermo filming, photo realistic CG technology by various sensors filmed image, and to be acquire texture technology, but also robots, security, cars, medical, art, and agricultures, various fields and scenes instead of human.

Sensing Technology

We have researched to create the next generations entertainment environment linked with videos, head mount displays, drones and illuminations and various hardware. Not only the next generations user interface with various sensors with Kinect, leap motion, but also real-scene, utilize sensors as integratedly at VR, AR, MR, and ER.

IoT(Internet of Things)

Utilize the sensing technology Zigbee, Blue Tooth, multi devices cooperation NFC representative, big-data activation methods with data visualization technology and overall data collection analysis link with video sources, we have worked on activate method using AI for those data to predict and optimize.

Image / Video compression and extension

The spread of the IP camera has been located many places, transmitted the image or video data from camera are required to be the high compression and less deterioration. We have been working on high efficiency and high speed, encode, decode and reducing in data and deterioration for high-resolution and HDR.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

The image recognition to up-convert for security, the painting restoration, conversion a style of painting and image composition for art, the presumption middle image of video for video production based on image processing, and the prediction and optimization, from big data A.I. with various data is one of our important research subjects.

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

We have been researching the basic research the deep learning as core technology of A.I. , also the image recognition and the up-convert technology with CNN--Convolution Neural Network--, and the image generate technology with GAN, DCGA, and VAE, improve the recognition rate with better algorithm, and up-conversion image generate with less blur. We have kept researching image generated with close to an actual thing.