Ultra High-Definition Uncompressed Video Contents Production

We have been tackling produce the brand-new UHD contents based on the our cutting edge software technologies.We create the uncompressed format UHD contents as never before, making full use of time-lapse, 3DCG, and up-convert with still shooting which shoot the real beauty of objects with our sensibility by intelligence and creative sensibility.

The Real-Time Video Contents Production

The interactive video which changes the videos real-time response to moving of humans and things by various sensors set at floors and ceilings,it is enable to realizing the cutting edge computer graphics.We are always looking for the new video expressions to the more impressive performances with the real-time contents.

Projection Mapping Production

To project the pre-rendering video on floor, wall and ceiling was mainstream.We have been video performances as a pioneer of projection mapping since it's established. Not only we just project, but also we conscious the real-time videos which humans and videos can commune. In addition, we do dramatically and dynamic video performances, all by using the 3D video generation.

Next Generation Video and Music Contents Production

Music is a very important element when you do spatial presentation.We have been working on to produce the music contents which filled all spatial with music by stereophonic sounds, like multi channels surround by multi speakers.Also we do the spatial presentation by videos and music we provide the joys and impression, based on abundant knowledge and cutting edge technologies.