Exhibit Contents

16K120P uncompressed video playback

This year the spot light of our line-up is the 16K@120P uncompressed playback system. Powered by our powerful original engine, the system can power up 16K@120P uncompressed video playback with ONE machine. The 16K video content was presented with 4 8K monitors within the booth. Many of our customers were attracted by the world’s first “16K” keyword and the overwhelming UHD videos. Creating a vibrant booth experience.

UHD Next-Gen Video Wall System

With our original realtime video processing technologies integrated, the Next-Gen Video Wall System was able to capture the video of visitors of the exhibition, and presenting our auto-identifying technology which can identify human, baggage, desks and chairs in realtime.

8K60P realtime blending theater

The world’s first 8K@60P 10bit HDR compatible realtime blending theatre, capable of blending videos outputted by 4 4K projectors , creating an 8K video theater experience without any discomfort or distortion on the video in real-time.


16K streaming technology / 8K@120P uncompressed video playback system / Realtime 12G-SDI 8K@60P IP video transition technology Realtime 3G-SDI 8K@60P video capture zoom-in system /L ED compatible one-touch video output system And more

▶︎ Our Showcase was featured in InterBEE TV and can be viewed on youtube.      


Location Makuhari Messe
Event Date 14 November - 16 November, 2018
Official Website

Exhibit Contents

8K Real Time Processing Capture

    Three Technologies AZLAB Realized Capture the 8K60P Video Stream
80K60P Real Time Video Processing
8K60P Video Output After The Video
    Our ultra-high-end video stream engine, realized the above 3 technologies simultaneously. We could provide the new technologies experiences to a lot of people at this show, also we realized display the high definition output of result the capture with the ultra-high definition 8K monitor.


Big Data Visualization Real Time Data Analysis

    Various big data beautifully visualization
    Not only the visualize three-dimensional the various big data, but also enable to rotating and scaling. So we could made the people can experience the more three-dimensional feeling of the data.


Ultimate Real Time Generation(A.I.)

    Real Time Video Generation Technology with the Newest A.I. Tech.
    When you stand in front of the monitor, you blend in the painting, and this system has image convert for the unique famous painting style. Many attendees can have this newest video experiences at this show.


Location Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1/ Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1,3/
Taipei International Convention Center
Event Date 5 June - 9 June, 2018
Official Website

ISE 2018

Location Amsterdam RAI Congress thorium
Event Date 6 February - 9 February, 2018
Official Website https://www.iseurope.org/
Exhibition Contents (World’s First)16K60P Real Time Compressed Playback Video System / (World’s First)8K Real Time Video Generation A.I.G.A / (World’s First) Real Time Processing Engine AZLAB Super Clear Vision / 8K60P Uncompressed DPX Sequential Playback System [azscorpion] / Next Generation Interactive Media Environment [azspider] / AZ8K-HEVC / azplayer neo Professional Edition

Inter BEE 2017

Location Makuhari Messe
Event Date 15 November - 17 November, 2017
Official Website https://www.inter-bee.com/en/
Exhibition Contents 16K5K UHD Uncompressed Video Playback System / 8K UHD Uncompressed Video Playback System / Creation the Over8K UHD Contents / Super-Resolution Up-Conversion / KAIGA / AZ8KHEVC / AZScorpion / AZSpider / AZPlayerneo / Roommapping

Computex Taipei 2017

Location TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall
Event Date 31 May - 3 June, 2017
Official Website https://www.computextaipei.jp/
Exhibition Contents The Interactive Media Server (Technology Preview) / Lens Correction (Technology Preview)
16K Real-Time FX / AZPlayer


Location Las Vegas Convention Center
Event Date 24 April - 27 April, 2017
Official Website https://www.nabshow.com/
Exhibition Contents 16K Real-Time FX
10bit 4K 60P

Inter BEE 2016

Location Makuhari Messe
Event Date 16 November - 18 November, 2016
Official Website https://www.inter-bee.com/en/
Exhibition Contents 13K5K UHD Uncompressed Video Playback System / 8K UHD Uncompressed Video Playback System
Next Generation Video Wall System / Produce the Over8K UHD Contents / Real-Time Up Convert Technology
Room Mapping / Multi Cameras Image Correction / H.265 Hardware Decoder / H.265 Software Decoder
AZPlayer / AZRenderer / AZOmnilizer


Location Las Vegas Convention Center
Event Date 18 April - 21 April, 2016
Official Website https://www.nabshow.com/
Exhibition Contents Real-Time FX 8K by Quad 4K H.265/ 4K Multi GPU Playback

Inter BEE 2015

Location Makuhari Messe
Event Date 18 November - 20 November, 2015
Official Website https://www.inter-bee.com/ja/
Exhibition Contents 8K UHD Video Playback System / 16K UHD Playback System (Technology Preview) / UHD Dome Theater System / AZPlayer / AZRenderer / AZOmnilizer