About Us

For the many future to the world

We have been focusing on the future society and tackling to research and development the next generation computer systems, based on our abundant ideas and the cutting edge technologies to provide the many joys and impressions. We do focus on the technological development of the world's first and the only one, and creating the core technologies first in the world and open the new future doors with the values, the knowledges and the know-how.

Company Name AZLAB, Inc.

Location of our head office and dome studio
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Address Head Office
TRC bldg.3F 3-3-1 Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku Tokyo JAPAN 152-0022
TEL +81-3-6453-1855 / FAX +81-3-6453-1856
Dome Studio
TRC bldg.5F 3-3-1 Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku Tokyo JAPAN 152-0022
TEL +81-3-6453-1855 / FAX +81-3-6453-1856
Osaka Office
Daidomon bldg.6F 9-22 Toyotsuchou Suita-shi,Osaka JAPAN 564-0051
TEL +81-6-7777-0218 / FAX +81-6-7739-5988
Establishment 18 April 2003
CEO & Founder Kazunobu AZUMA
Business Description Next-Generation Computer System Research and Development
Next Generation Video Music System Research and Development
Video Music Medeia Content Planning and Production
Computer Software Design and Development
Human Interface Design and Manufacturing
Entrusted with various R&D and Technology Consulting
Inquiry Please contact us about our products and services by phone call, fax or E-mail

Company History
Apr. 2003Established Azu Art Science Lab at Seta, Setagaya.
Apr. 2009Moved to Kamiuma, Setagaya.
Jul. 2009Changed Organization to AZLAB, Inc.
Feb. 2015Established Dome Studio at Kakinokizaka, Setagaya
Jul. 2016Moved the Location of the Head Office
May. 2019Opened the Osaka Office at Osaka-shi,Osaka