AZLAB Unveils the Latest Technologies at ISE 2020
All-new software solution delivering a new level of quality and
advanced technologies for UHD solutions and LEDs

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Tokyo Japan, January 10, 2020. AZLAB will unveil the latest technologies for UHD Video software solutions and LEDs at ISE 2020. With our core technology and cutting-edge innovations, AZLAB has been developing software solutions to create joy and impressions to the world. AZLAB delivers leading software solutions for various verticals such as Control Systems, Digital Signage, Image Processing, LEDs, 16K/8K 120P UHD Video capture and playback, Broadcasting and other more.

LED is the Trend for Displays

AZLAB collaborates with WW leading LED Display provider, Calibre Ltd. and Coretronic Corporation, delivering the latest software to drive the outstanding LED solutions. AZLAB and Calibre are glad to present the latest LED SmartBrick driven by the new software that bring a new phase of how to control and experience the most flexible usage of LED SmartBrick. The complete solutions provide easy user interface for ease of configurations, quick installation, Brilliant colors and usage flexibility for Brand Advertising, Freeform Display and Retail Signage.

Moreover, AZLAB presents the next generation of LED Perimeters. The AZ-LED-MAPPER 2 enhances the capability of rendering performance and delivering the functions and features to the next level resolving the usage constraints and flexibility. AZ-LED-MAPPER 2 is compatible with LED ribbon displays with all kinds of resolutions and with convenient One-Touch video output function perfectly suit for Sports and LIVE events.

Ultra High Definition Video Solutions

AZLAB is proud to work closely with our partner, Spin Digital Video Technologies GmBH (Spin Digital), who delivers high-performance and high-quality HEVC/H.265 software codec for us to realize the unprecedented video experiences.

AZLAB and Spin Digital will be presenting the latest real-time 12K 360 video streaming solutions. This brings visual experiences to the next level for AV Markets. With the coming migration of 4G to 5G, where 5G tops out at 10 gigabits per second Gbps) at its theoretical maximum speed, this will enhance and extend the usages of UHD video streaming into various field such as Digital Signage, Broadcasting and VR/AR solutions.